Commissioner Orders Immediate Closure of Ladipo Market for Environmental Offences

In response to numerous environmental violations, Mr. Tokunbo Wahab, the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources in Lagos State, has mandated the immediate closure of Ladipo Market in Mushin. The decision comes as a stern response to a range of infractions, including reckless waste disposal, unhygienic premises, and non-payment of waste bills.

Wahab, acting in his capacity as the commissioner overseeing environmental and water resources matters, has taken decisive action to address the longstanding issues plaguing Ladipo Market. The market, a prominent commercial hub in Mushin, has been subject to scrutiny due to a multitude of environmental transgressions that pose risks to public health and environmental sustainability.

Reckless waste disposal practices within the market premises have been a major concern, contributing to unsanitary conditions that compromise the well-being of both traders and visitors. Additionally, the unhygienic state of the market raises alarms about potential health hazards and the spread of diseases.

Non-compliance with waste disposal regulations, coupled with the non-payment of waste bills by traders within Ladipo Market, has exacerbated the environmental challenges faced by the area. The commissioner’s decision to close the market aims to serve as a corrective measure and compel adherence to environmental standards.

The closure order is expected to remain in effect until Ladipo Market addresses and rectifies the identified environmental offences. Traders and stakeholders are urged to cooperate with the relevant authorities to expedite the resolution of these issues, fostering a cleaner and safer environment for all involved.

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