Dammy Krane Escalates Feud with Davido, Teases Release of Diss Track “Owe B Owe”

Popular Singer Takes Aim at Davido Over Alleged Unpaid Debt, Sparks Heated Musical Feud

In a brewing musical feud, Dammy Krane, the acclaimed singer, is gearing up to unleash a diss track titled “Owe B Owe” aimed squarely at fellow artist Davido. The tension stems from an ongoing dispute over an alleged unpaid debt related to a past collaboration between the two musicians.

Dammy Krane has been openly vocal about his dissatisfaction with Davido, accusing him of failing to compensate him for their joint musical effort. Despite Davido’s public response asserting that he did not profit from the collaboration and highlighting his hospitality toward Dammy Krane in Atlanta, the animosity persists.

Undeterred, Dammy Krane has intensified his criticism, recently sharing a teaser of the upcoming diss track. The snippet, accompanied by a video of Dammy Krane dancing, features the controversial lyrics taking a swipe at Davido’s financial dealings, branding him a “serial debtor.”

The unfolding drama between the two artists has captivated fans and industry insiders alike, as Dammy Krane seems determined to use his music as a platform to air his grievances. The diss track, “Owe B Owe,” is anticipated to add fuel to the fiery exchange.

Watch the teaser video below as Dammy Krane gears up to make his musical retaliation against Davido:

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