Dammy Krane Pleads with Davido to Settle Alleged Debt for the Sake of His Daughter

Nigerian Singer Publicly Appeals to Davido Amidst Unsettled Financial Dispute

Nigerian singer and composer Oyindamola Johnson Emmanuel, popularly known as Dammy Krane, has reignited a public feud with fellow artist Davido, alleging an unsettled debt and making a heartfelt plea for resolution.

The dispute arises from an alleged financial matter, with Dammy Krane urging Davido to fulfill what he claims is a pending debt, specifically mentioning the well-being of his daughter. In an emotional appeal, Dammy Krane expressed the challenges he faces in covering his daughter’s school fees and implored the wealthy musician to consider the familial aspect of their disagreement.

Dammy Krane emphasized that he seeks a resolution without conflict and wants Davido to honor their agreement. He further pointed out the perceived injustice, recalling how Davido took one of Dammy Krane’s signees, Idowest, from his record label. Despite these challenges, Dammy Krane had refrained from public confrontation, seeing Davido as a brother.

The singer questioned Davido’s reluctance to compensate him for a song he allegedly wrote, drawing attention to the broader issue of supporting oppression. Dammy Krane highlighted that while rich individuals might find it challenging to settle debts, he urged Davido to consider the impact on his daughter’s education.

This public appeal follows recent accusations against Davido by a businessman, Abu Salami, who claimed the artist failed to fulfill a contract worth millions related to a football project for kids. Salami accused Davido of not only breaching the contract but also resorting to intimidation tactics.

Dammy Krane’s plea comes in the wake of a series of previous disputes between the two musicians. Last year, Dammy Krane asserted that Davido had not paid him for their collaborative hit song, “Pere.” Despite private attempts to address the issue, Dammy Krane escalated the matter, even releasing a mocking portrait of Davido and involving another colleague, Tekno, in their financial dispute.

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