Davido Expresses Confidence in Deserving Multiple Grammys Following Triple Nomination

Nigerian Afrobeat Sensation Acknowledges First-Ever Grammy Nod and Reflects on the Significance of the Recognition

In a recent exclusive conversation with a prominent platform, renowned Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer, David Adedeji Adeleke, professionally known as Davido, shared his ambitious vision of clinching more than 20 Grammy Awards. The Afrobeat icon, currently celebrating his first-ever Grammy nomination, received nods in three distinct categories for this year’s prestigious music awards.

During the interview, the conversation turned towards Davido’s significant impact on the African continent’s Afrobeat scene. The interviewer delved into the personal significance of the Grammy nominations for the artist.

Acknowledging the honor, Davido expressed his gratitude, stating, “Shout out to the academy; this is my first nomination ever, so it’s crazy to get three at one time.” He went on to highlight the immense dedication and hard work invested in creating the nominated album and record. “We worked really hard on this album, on this record, and I was always just patient,” the artist emphasized.

As the discussion unfolded, Davido confidently asserted his belief in deserving multiple Grammy Awards. He remarked, “If you ask me if I deserve Grammys in the past, if you ask me, I need 20 Grammys already. But like I said, God’s timing is the best.” The artist’s optimistic outlook and acknowledgment of divine timing add an inspiring dimension to his pursuit of musical excellence.

watch the him below:

With this unprecedented recognition at the Grammy Awards, Davido’s journey in the global music scene takes a momentous turn, marking a milestone in his career and setting the stage for what promises to be an exciting chapter in the artist’s musical legacy.

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