Davido Faces Fan Backlash After Supporting Wizkid’s New Song

Grammy-Nominated Nigerian Artist Draws Criticism on Social Media Despite Recent Reconciliation with Wizkid

In a surprising turn of events, Nigerian singer Davido, who recently buried the hatchet with longtime rival Wizkid, has found himself in hot water with his millions of fans. The Grammy nominee faced backlash after taking to the micro-blogging platform to express his support for Wizkid’s new song, leading to an unexpected wave of criticism from his followers.

Davido’s tweet, stating, “New Wiz Friday!!! Wtf!!! Replay all weekend!!,” was intended as a gesture of solidarity with his rival but did not sit well with some of his devoted fans. One fan, in particular, criticized Davido for seemingly always giving his rivals an opportunity to exploit him, expressing frustration with the comment, “Davido u dey gba fr.”

In response, Davido defended his stance, reminding the fan of his age and expressing a desire for peace. He replied, “Your father dey gba. Nah u know I’m 31 years old. I want peace.”

However, the interaction took a sharper turn when another fan suggested that Davido makes it challenging for his supporters to stand by him. The fan remarked, “This man low-key dey make stanship hard person o. Wo make I go back to my simping and bombing jare.”

Unfazed, Davido responded with a blunt dismissal, telling the fan to “fuck off” and asserting that they are not a true fan. The exchange adds a layer of complexity to Davido’s relationship with his fan base, even after his recent public reconciliation with Wizkid.

Fan Reactions Pour In:

The social media uproar didn’t go unnoticed, with netizens expressing diverse opinions on the matter. Here are some reactions:

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One King Official Atalist wrote, “I even know tay tay say Davido na good person, so am not surprised!! Mind you Davido is not perfect but na sure person na why God dey bless am.”

One Hey Bosei wrote, “Y’all need to chill. Davido and Wizkid have been through so much. Abeg allow them.”

One Drbrightt wrote, “Imagine putting your Father up for drags on Twitter by a Celeb. Your papa suffered for life, and still suffer for Social Media join.”

One Pluto Out Of Heree wrote, “Ow you can see 30bg are the toxic ones. The same Wizkid posted Davido’s album when it came out oh. But 30bg hates Wizkid so much they are crying Davido posted about Wizkid. Focus used fans.”

One Bieber Swity wrote, “These ones are not his fans, a real 30bg we know ourselves and it’s all love for our 001.”

One Adunni Ade wrote, “This stanship whatever con be like cult groups. I don’t understand them Tbh, is he supposed to hate Wizkid or what? Kini gbogbo nonsense yi.”

One Golden Nf wrote, “Let peace reign, it’s not FC anymore and it’s not 30bg anymore. It’s now 30FC. One love.”

One Sammie Dave wrote, “30bg needs to chill TF out, so many insults on David, why? Get used to David’s kind heart or get TF out of 30bg.”

Recent Reconciliation and Musical Collaborations:

Over the weekend, Davido and Wizkid set the internet on fire as they reunited at a beach in Lagos, showcasing camaraderie and breaking the internet with their vibes and dance moves. The highlight was when they jammed to Wizkid’s hit song, “Feel.”

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The recent show of love between the two comes after consoling each other during tough times, reflecting a bond that extends beyond their musical rivalry. When Wizkid lost his mother in August, Davido sent his condolences, promising prayers. Similarly, when Davido lost his son in October, Wizkid showed solidarity by actively promoting Davido’s album.

This isn’t the first time the two superstars have joined forces. Last year, Wizkid announced a joint tour with Davido, setting social media ablaze with excitement. The camaraderie extends to regular check-ins, with Davido revealing that Wizkid calls him every week, and teasing a potential joint record in the future.

As the online drama unfolds, fans are left pondering the intricacies of Davido’s relationship with his fan base and the impact on his public image, despite efforts towards unity with Wizkid.

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