Zlatan Ibile Stays Neutral Amid Wizkid-Davido Rivalry

Rapper Emphasizes Friendship and Respect for Both Music Stars

In a recent interview, Nigerian rapper and singer Zlatan Ibile made it clear that he doesn’t take sides in the ongoing rivalry between Wizkid and Davido, two prominent music stars in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

The 29-year-old artist, known for hits like ‘Lagos Anthem,’ shared that he values his friendships with both Wizkid and Davido. He mentioned that he often spends time with them separately, emphasizing that he respects their individual relationships with him.

During the interview, Zlatan Ibile also mentioned that he has never discussed Davido with Wizkid or vice versa. He highlighted the importance of maintaining privacy and not sharing private conversations or details about one friend with the other. Zlatan emphasized the need to avoid creating unnecessary conflicts and inherit enemies, underlining his commitment to keeping good relations with both artists.

He stated, “Davido is my friend, Wizkid is my friend. In fact, I am always with them. Many people ask me how I manage to be close to two people who are not friends. It’s Simple, I’ve never talked about Davido to Wizkid and I’ve never talked about Wizkid to Davido.”

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