Davido’s Aide Slams Wizkid in Online Feud

Israel DMW’s Scathing Critique Sparks Intense Exchange Amidst Afrobeat Rivalry

In the midst of an escalating online feud between Afrobeat titans Davido and Wizkid, Davido’s aide, Israel DMW, has taken to social media to launch a scathing attack on Wizkid, unleashing a barrage of insults and criticism.

The feud between the two artists ignited when Wizkid shared a video allegedly mocking Davido’s involvement with an American model during a fan discussion. This action triggered a heated exchange between their respective camps on Twitter, with tensions escalating as each side aired their grievances publicly.

In response to Wizkid’s actions, Israel DMW expressed his disdain on Instagram, questioning the motives behind Wizkid’s apparent jealousy and animosity towards Davido. In a sharp and direct statement, Israel DMW referred to Wizkid as “daft” and accused him of harboring unwarranted hatred towards Davido.

He further urged Wizkid to consider stepping away from the music industry if he was dissatisfied with his career, implying that Wizkid’s actions were unnecessary and fueled by baseless animosity.

In his statement, Israel DMW said, “I used to like everything about you, thinking you’re a human being. I never knew you’re a fully daft-headed human being. Why this continuous jealousy and hatred? Did Oga [Davido] stop you from releasing your own back-to-back sweet hits? He has never said anything bad about you. You just keep hating him for no reason. Retire from music if you’re fed up. Resign honorably. Who the hell are you? You’re just a small dwarf. You will be taught a lesson if you’re not careful. You’re an idiot. A whole Don Baba? Is he your mate? You’re insignificant, worthless.”

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The intense exchange between the camps has captivated fans and observers, adding another layer of drama to the ongoing rivalry between Davido and Wizkid in the Nigerian music scene.

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