Davido’s Heartfelt Promises to Chioma at Their Wedding

Superstar Singer Declares Love and Commitment on His Special Day

Award-winning singer Davido, recently wed, has shared his heartfelt plans for his wife, Chioma, during their wedding celebration.

The event, marked by Davido’s changing into his third outfit and a dramatic arrival amid heavy rain, showcased the singer’s dedication. With his bodyguards holding umbrellas, Davido was escorted to his car. Before getting in, he excitedly shouted “Igbo Kwenu,” delighting the gathered crowd.

Upon reaching the wedding venue, Davido was seen respectfully prostrating before Chioma’s parents, asking for their daughter’s hand in marriage. He shared his promises and plans for Chioma, assuring her parents of a lifetime commitment.

“It is a lifetime assurance. Your daughter will be protected, respected, connected. Mummy and Daddy, I love you. I am happy on this day, and this is the happiest day of my life,” Davido declared.

He also expressed his love and respect for Chioma’s parents, affirming the significance of the day.

Watch the video below:

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