Chioma Adeleke Opens Up About First Encounter with Davido: “It Just Happened” (Video)

Wife of Afrobeats Star Shares Insightful Details in Instagram Q&A Session

In a recent Instagram question and answer session with her followers, Chioma Adeleke, the wife of renowned Afrobeats sensation Davido, offered a candid glimpse into the beginnings of her relationship with the music star, recalling their first meeting during their university days.

Chioma revealed that she crossed paths with Davido while they were both students, shedding light on the serendipitous circumstances that led to their encounter. According to her account, their introduction was facilitated through a mutual friend who was romantically involved with one of Davido’s close associates at the time.

Reflecting on her first impression of Davido, Chioma remarked, “I met him when I was in school. My friend used to date his friend so from there it just happened.” Her disclosure resonates with Davido’s previous remarks during a 2023 interview with YouTuber Tayo Aina, wherein he recounted their initial meeting at Babcock University.

Davido fondly recalled the moment he first laid eyes on Chioma, emphasizing the profound impact it had on him. “I was in school for a year before I blew up. That was when I met my wife. I remember the day I saw her. I can never forget it,” the music star reminisced.

The revelation shared by Chioma offers an intimate glimpse into the early stages of their relationship, providing fans with a deeper understanding of the bond between the couple. As their love story continues to capture the hearts of many, Chioma’s heartfelt recollection serves as a testament to the enduring romance between herself and Davido, marking a cherished chapter in their journey together.

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