Defence Headquarters Refutes Claims of Request for Coup

The Defence Headquarters has swiftly countered recent claims that the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN) had been presented with a request to execute a change in the country’s leadership. In an official statement released on Sunday in Abuja, Brigadier-General Tukur Gusau, the Director of Defence Information, categorically denied these assertions, terming them both false and disconcerting.

The Defence spokesperson clarified that at no point in time had the armed forces either received or issued such a declaration to any individual or group. In his statement, Gusau expressed skepticism towards the origins of these allegations, suggesting that they might be rooted in intentions detrimental to the well-being of the nation.

“We believe this statement came from those who do not wish the nation well,” Gusau emphasized, underscoring the seriousness with which the Defence Headquarters takes such matters. The prompt and unequivocal response aims to quell any speculation or misinformation circulating regarding the role of the Armed Forces in political matters.

This denial from the Defence Headquarters comes as a reassurance to the public and an effort to maintain clarity in the midst of a sensitive and crucial period for the country.

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