Destiny Etiko and Ruby Ojiakor Apologize for Viral Face-off, Confirm It Was Staged

Popular Nigerian actresses clarify online feud was a prank and offer apologies to fans.

Nigerian actresses Destiny Etiko and Ruby Ojiakor have recently issued apologies to their fans following their widely publicized online face-off. In a lengthy video posted online, Destiny Etiko criticized her colleague Ruby for allegedly breaching a paid contract and refusing to refund the money she had received. In response, Ruby Ojiakor took to social media to challenge the accusations made against her. However, both actresses have now come forward to clarify that their clash was staged as part of a prank.

Destiny Etiko, also known as the “Drama Doll,” took to her Facebook page on Friday to address the situation in a new video. In the video, she sincerely apologized to her fans and emphasized that the online feud with Ruby Ojiakor was not genuine but rather a planned act. She expressed her regret for any confusion or misunderstanding caused by their actions.

Similarly, Ruby Ojiakor shared a post on her Instagram page, confirming that the feud between her and Destiny Etiko was nothing more than a playful act. She reassured her followers that they should not take their online altercation seriously and urged them not to be overly concerned.

In her Instagram post, Ruby wrote, “How can you people even think that I will quarrel with my sister… Abeg Na play ohhhhh make Una no vex too much biko” (Translation: “Please, it was all a joke, don’t be too upset”).

The actresses’ apologies and clarification have brought an end to the drama that captivated their fans. It serves as a reminder of the entertainment industry’s knack for surprising and delighting audiences both on and off the screen. Fans can now rest assured that Destiny Etiko and Ruby Ojiakor remain on good terms, reinforcing the importance of camaraderie and unity among colleagues in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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