Destiny Etiko and Ruby Ojiakor Engage in Fiery Online Clash Over Film Role Payment

Tempers flare as accusations and threats fly between the Nollywood actresses.

A heated internet feud erupted between popular Nigerian actresses Destiny Etiko and Ruby Ojiakor, unveiling a bitter dispute over film role payments. In a candid Facebook video, Destiny Etiko revealed that she had paid a substantial sum of N700,000 to Ruby Ojiakor for her appearance in one of her films. However, Destiny claimed that despite their acquaintance, Ruby had not fulfilled her end of the agreement and had failed to refund the money, leading to a breach of contract.

Destiny Etiko expressed her disappointment at Ruby’s actions, stating that the actress had been unavailable since the payment was made. Instead of seeking resolutions to rectify the situation, Ruby responded by issuing threats of physical harm towards Destiny in an act of retaliation. The tension escalated when Destiny, furious with Ruby’s reaction, shared her location and openly dared Ruby to confront her in person. She warned that if Ruby appeared at the specified location, she would face physical consequences.

Taking to social media, Destiny captioned her video with scathing accusations against Ruby, accusing her of using their dispute to gain popularity. She wrote, “Ruby Orjiakor or whatever your name is… It’s quite obvious you are looking for someone to trend with Mrs. CLOUTINA. I dey fear you? Who you be? I no sabi talk too much. If you make me vex, na one slap I go knack you for face, you go turn red. Ruby, you charged me and you didn’t remove 1 naira. You see why I don’t have time for colleagues? Ruby, you be unripe pawpaw.”

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The public clash between these two Nollywood actresses has captivated social media users, who are closely following the volatile exchange of accusations and threats. The altercation highlights the underlying tensions and complexities within the entertainment industry, where financial disputes can quickly escalate into public spectacles.

As the feud continues to unfold online, fans and industry insiders are left to speculate on the future implications for the careers of both Destiny Etiko and Ruby Ojiakor. The incident serves as a reminder of the need for open communication, professionalism, and adherence to contractual obligations within the Nigerian film industry.

In the midst of this social media storm, the Nollywood community awaits a resolution to the conflict, hoping that both actresses will find common ground and restore harmony in their working relationship.

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