DJ Chicken Faces Backlash and TikTok Ban After Controversial Remarks on Wizkid

Social Media Erupts as DJ Chicken Speaks Out Following Permanent Suspension of TikTok Account

Controversial disc jockey, DJ Chicken, has broken his silence just hours after losing his TikTok page due to inflammatory statements directed at Wizkid and his late mother.

In a video that quickly went viral, DJ Chicken openly ridiculed the Grammy nominee, branding his music career as dead. The DJ did not stop there, going so far as to wish death upon Wizkid, stating, “He sings rubbish; his glory has drowned, and he would soon follow his late mother.”

The derogatory remarks sparked severe backlash from Wizkid’s fan base, leading to mass reports and subsequent action by TikTok. Within 24 hours, the video-sharing platform permanently suspended DJ Chicken’s account.

Despite the consequences, DJ Chicken seemed unfazed by the decision, expressing more concern about the funds he had yet to withdraw from his overnight success on the platform. In a response to the ban, he stated, “Those of you that reported my account will be unfortunate. I’m not pained, it’s only the money I made overnight that pained me. Let anything happen to my Instagram, I will show you all. If I lose my IG, I will make sure Wizkid lose his too.”

The situation has ignited a heated discussion on social media, with fans and onlookers expressing varied opinions on the DJ’s remarks and the subsequent suspension of his TikTok account. As DJ Chicken remains defiant, the incident serves as a reminder of the impact and responsibility that comes with a social media presence, especially for individuals in the public eye.

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