Phyna Sparks Social Media Storm with Scathing Feud Against Blessing CEO

A Public Spat Erupts as Reality Star and Relationship Therapist Engage in a War of Words

In a shocking turn of events, popular reality star Phyna has set social media ablaze with a heated feud involving relationship therapist Blessing CEO. The public spat escalated to new heights as both personalities exchanged insults, dragging each other’s names through the mud and even invoking the memory of Blessing CEO’s late mother.

The controversy ignited when a hair vendor accused Phyna of failing to return borrowed hair meant for a movie premiere. Seizing the opportunity to weigh in on the matter, Blessing CEO took to her social media platform earlier today, publicly criticizing Phyna’s alleged actions in connection with the hair vendor’s claims.

In a swift retaliation, Phyna unleashed a scathing post on her Instagram page, hurling insults at Blessing CEO and bringing the therapist’s late mother into the crossfire. The reality star didn’t mince words, referring to Blessing CEO as an “overused prostitute” and labeling her mother as a “retired ashawo.”

Accusing Blessing CEO of leading a fake life, Phyna insinuated that the therapist earned money through questionable means. In a bold statement, Phyna declared her success and youth, dismissing Blessing CEO as unworthy of her time.

“Blessing CEO, I’m too young and successful for an old, overused prostitute like you to be burning your time on… I understand your mother is a retired ashawo and has handed over to you the old and wide punni to use on dod women’s husbands… Blessing, I am bigger than you and all the females in your family, pel chill pill… I too, so take a big pass, you failed human. Make I shoe wardrobe so that you come rob me cheap thief azonre,” Phyna expressed in her Instagram post.

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View screenshots of her post below:

As the social media feud unfolds, fans are left stunned by the intensity of the exchange, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this sensational clash between two prominent personalities.

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