DJ Cuppy Shares Unique Marriage Proposal from Secret Admirer

Nigerian Socialite and DJ Receives Attention-Grabbing Email Proposal

Popular Nigerian socialite and DJ, DJ Cuppy, recently shared a unique marriage proposal she received from a secret admirer on social media. Since her breakup with ex-fiancé Ryan Taylor, the billionaire heiress has been open about her quest for love, drawing widespread interest.

The intriguing proposal came in the form of an email, which DJ Cuppy posted on her Instagram story. The anonymous admirer’s message included a Bible verse from Psalms 85:10-11, highlighting themes of faithfulness and steadfast love.

The email was titled “Marriage proposal from God’s grace and son,” and simply asked, “Will you marry me DJ Cuppy?”

In response, DJ Cuppy posted a screenshot of the email, pondering whether this mysterious suitor could be “the one.” She captioned the post, “Lord. Could HE be the one? 👀”

This proposal comes just two weeks after DJ Cuppy’s mother prayed for her to find a partner deeply committed to their faith, following DJ Cuppy’s baptism.

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