Don Jazzy Voices Frustration Over Travel Ordeal, Expresses Aspiration for Private Jet

Michael Collins Ajereh, better known as Don Jazzy, a renowned Nigerian singer and music executive, took to Twitter to share his recent travel ordeal and express his desire to own a private jet, inspired by fellow musician Davido Adeleke.

Don Jazzy had initially embarked on a journey to New York, USA. However, his international flight encountered an unexpected diversion, leading him to Raleigh-Durham, with an additional connecting stop before ultimately reaching his intended destination. Frustrated by the inconvenience and unpredictability of commercial flights, he turned to Twitter to voice his aspirations for the luxury of private jet travel, similar to that enjoyed by Davido.

In his tweet, Don Jazzy expressed his original intention to travel to New York and his unexpected detour to Raleigh-Durham, conveying his exasperation with the situation. He concluded by affirming his desire for a private jet, likening it to Davido’s mode of travel. Don Jazzy stated, “Na New York I wan go since o. Now I have found myself in Raleigh-Durham 🤦🏾‍♂️. One day we sef go be @davido 🙌🏾. Private Jet is needed. Baba GOD run am 🙏🏽.”

View his tweet below:

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