Drama Unfolds Between Influencer Saida Boj and Singer Portable

A Heated Exchange Captivates Netizens

The internet is buzzing with drama between controversial influencer Saida Boj and popular singer Habeeb Okikiola, better known as Portable.

In a new video, Saida Boj took shots at Portable, claiming he is beneath her. This comes after Portable criticized the influencer on June 3 for her “misleading” remarks on a podcast, calling her a “nuisance on social media.” The Zazu boss even released a diss track aimed at Saida Boj, which sparked a heated response.

In a video shared on June 13, Saida Boj, who alleges Portable has over 16 infections, said he would have remained unknown without the support of Olamide. She accused Portable of being ungrateful and of using and discarding his loyal supporters.

“The dumbest part of my brain is intellectually sounder than your whole existence. We are not on the same level, boy. It is humiliating for me to reduce myself to your level. Make sure you brush your teeth before you mention my name,” Saida Boj retorted.

She also dragged Portable’s wife and baby mama into the feud, saying, “I am a classy escort, unlike those you call wives who look like they are paid N1,500.”

Watch the video and read some reactions below:

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