Nigerian Singer Young Duu Accuses Former Label Boss Portable of Life-Threatening Ritual Attempts

Allegations of Threats, Assault, and Occult Practices Emerge in the Music Industry as Young Duu Speaks Out

In a shocking turn of events, rising Nigerian singer Young Duu has leveled damning accusations against his former record label boss, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable. The ex-Zeh Nation artiste alleges that Portable not only threatened his life but also attempted to use him for rituals in a bid to steal his glory.

During a live video session, Young Duu did not mince words as he directed curses towards Portable, expressing that misfortune would befall him. The singer also claimed that he was physically assaulted on the streets by thugs affiliated with Portable.

Young Duu recounted an incident during his time under the music label when Portable allegedly sought to use him for a money ritual. The attempt, however, proved unsuccessful, leading to Duu’s hospitalization. In the aftermath, Portable purportedly expressed anger that Duu did not succumb to the ritual.

In a bold statement, Young Duu urged Portable, whom he once considered a brother, to leave him alone, branding him an unfortunate person destined to never find fortune.

Young Duu’s revelations shed light on the darker side of the music industry, exposing alleged occult practices and threats faced by artists. As the video circulates, the music community awaits Portable’s response and any potential legal repercussions stemming from these serious accusations.

Watch the video here:

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