Big Brother Naija All Stars: Housemate Pere Accuses Housemates of Pitying Soma in Eviction Twist

In a recent revelation inside the Big Brother Naija All Stars house, Pere Egbi, one of the contestants, made a claim that fellow housemates allegedly collaborated to keep Soma in the competition this week out of pity. The situation unfolded during the Monday night’s “Pardon Me Please” session, which introduced a new twist to the nomination process.

During the session, eight housemates came together to nominate candidates for eviction, and surprisingly, they chose not to nominate Soma. Pere asserted that the reason behind this unanimous decision was the housemates’ emotional response to Soma’s eviction during the second week of the “See Gobe” season. According to Pere, they sympathized with Soma’s previous eviction and wanted to give him another chance in the game.

In his diary session on Tuesday, Pere expressed his concern about the majority of the housemates’ emotional approach to the game. He emphasized that they seem to be unaware that Big Brother Naija is, in fact, a strategic competition, and the decisions they make during the nominations should be based on strategic gameplay rather than emotions.

During a conversation with Biggie, the authoritative voice behind the reality show, Pere was asked about his thoughts on the “Pardon Me Please” twist. He responded, “They [housemates] connived to pardon Soma because he was evicted in the second week, not for any other reason. Whose fault is it that he was evicted in the second week? Apparently, they do not realize that this is a game yet.”

As the competition intensifies, tensions rise, and alliances form, it remains to be seen how housemates will navigate the strategic aspects of the game while managing their emotional connections within the house. The decision to save Soma out of pity raises questions about the dynamics at play and how it could influence future nominations and evictions in the Big Brother Naija All Stars edition.

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