Erik ten Hag Defends Andre Onana, Declares Him Second Best Premier League Goalkeeper Statistically

Despite Recent Criticism, Manchester United Manager Backs Cameroonian Shot-Stopper with Statistical Analysis

In a staunch defense of under-fire goalkeeper Andre Onana, Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has boldly declared that the Cameroonian shot-stopper is statistically the second-best goalkeeper in the Premier League. The Dutchman made these remarks during a press conference ahead of the weekend’s football action, emphasizing his support for Onana amidst recent scrutiny.

Onana, who joined Old Trafford from Inter during the summer, has faced criticism for his performances, especially following Manchester United’s 3-3 draw with Galatasaray, where he was arguably at fault for all three goals conceded. Ten Hag, however, stood by his goalkeeper, citing statistical evidence to support his claim.

During the press conference, Ten Hag stated, “If you analyze it well, then you see he is the second-best goalkeeper in the Premier League based on stats. His expected preventing goals is second-best in the Premier League.” The statistic in question seems to be ‘goals prevented,’ where Luton’s Thomas Kaminski tops the standings, and Onana claims the second spot.

While acknowledging Onana’s performance in the domestic league, Ten Hag conceded that the goalkeeper has made mistakes in the Champions League. Despite these errors, Ten Hag commended Onana’s overall performance in the first five months and expressed confidence in his ability to address areas of improvement.

Ten Hag remarked, “Onana is doing well, but he knows that in the Champions League he has made some mistakes. But overall, in the first five months, he has done well.” The manager highlighted the team’s strong performances, especially in matches against Copenhagen and Bayern Munich, while also acknowledging the need to eliminate individual errors and improve in transition.

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Addressing Onana’s character, Ten Hag added, “He is a strong character, he is a personality, and he will deal with it.” Despite Onana’s recent errors in the Champions League, Ten Hag remains optimistic about the goalkeeper’s ability to overcome challenges and further enhance his domestic form, showcasing the manager’s unwavering support for his shot-stopper.

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