Gary Neville Urges Swift Sale of Manchester United by Glazer Family in Social Media Outburst

In the wake of Manchester United’s 3-1 defeat to Brighton on Saturday, former Manchester United legend and Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville has taken to social media to voice his demand for the club’s owners, the Glazer family, to promptly sell the Premier League giants. The match, overseen by manager Erik ten Hag, saw Manchester United convincingly beaten by an impressive Brighton side at Old Trafford, despite an initially promising start.

With three losses in their opening five matches, Manchester United is facing struggles not just on the pitch but also off it. The club finds itself in the midst of controversy surrounding two of its wingers, Antony and Jadon Sancho, and an air of uncertainty lingers over whether the club will be sold or not, as the process has been protracted.

Neville placed the blame squarely on the Glazers, asserting that they are responsible for the current state of affairs at Old Trafford. He expressed his views via Twitter, stating, “The Glazers are responsible. It’s how it works. You own a business and everything good and bad sits with you!”

Neville went on to criticize the Glazers for their management of the club over the past decade. He remarked, “They inherited the best in all areas. They’ve overseen 10 years of mediocrity off the pitch and on the pitch. They set the culture of greed, ill-discipline, indecision, and uncertainty that runs right through the club.”

The former Manchester United defender concluded his social media outburst by urging the Glazers to expedite the sale of the club, expressing the need for efficient corrections to be made regarding the club’s off-the-pitch issues in order to reset the tone and culture.

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Neville stressed the importance of sound leadership and direction from the club’s owners, emphasizing that it provides a better chance for on-pitch success. He acknowledged that football can be unpredictable, with results varying cyclically, but maintained that with the right off-the-pitch foundation, the club could position itself for success.

As calls for change within Manchester United grow louder, the club’s future both on and off the pitch remains uncertain.

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