FA Seeks Lifetime Ban for West Ham’s Lucas Paqueta Over Betting Scandal

West Ham midfielder Lucas Paqueta faces a potential lifetime ban from football due to alleged betting breaches.

West Ham’s Lucas Paqueta is under serious scrutiny as the FA seeks to ban him for life amid allegations of betting breaches. The Brazilian midfielder is accused of deliberately getting booked in four Premier League matches, which has sparked a lengthy investigation.

Paqueta is charged with violating rules E5 and F3, focusing on yellow cards he received in games against Bournemouth, Aston Villa, Leeds, and Leicester City. The investigation revealed an unusual betting pattern involving bets placed in his hometown, Paqueta Island near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. West Ham’s shirt sponsor, Betway, flagged these irregularities.

Despite Paqueta’s protestations of innocence, reports suggest the FA considers his actions more severe than previous cases involving players Kynan Isaac and Bradley Wood, who received lengthy bans for similar offenses. The bets ranged from £7 to £400, with total winnings of £100,000. Although Paqueta did not place any bets himself, he is accused of getting yellow cards to benefit his friends financially.

The FA is still gathering information from Brazil, and the case is expected to take months before a hearing occurs. Paqueta has denied all allegations, and his lawyers are preparing a formal response. The scandal has already impacted his career, causing the collapse of his proposed transfer to Manchester City.

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