Former BBNaija “All Stars” Contestants Angel and Soma Confirm Their Relationship

Former Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) “All Stars” housemates, Angel and Soma, have stepped forward to confirm the authenticity of their romantic relationship that flourished within the confines of the reality TV show.

In a recent interview on ClassicFM 973, following their eviction from the Big Brother house, the couple openly discussed their connection and the decision to leave their previous partners behind. Soma, a former BBNaija contestant, shed light on the nature of their relationship, emphasizing that their bond was not a strategic move but rather a genuine connection. He revealed that their chemistry initially sparked a friendship, which naturally evolved into something deeper during their time in Biggie’s house.

Angel also shared her perspective during the interview, disclosing that her relationship with her previous partner had become untenable as she prioritized her newfound feelings for Soma.

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