Former BBNaija Star Khloe Takes a Stand: Declares She Will Never Give Money to a Man in a Relationship

Reality TV Personality Expresses Views on Financial Contributions, Stresses Her Role as a Girlfriend in Podcast Discussion

Former Big Brother Naija contestant Khloe, also known as Khloe Oluwabusayo Abiri, has made headlines by expressing her unwavering stance on financial contributions within romantic relationships. The reality TV star and brand influencer firmly asserted that she would never give money to a man, underlining her belief that being the girlfriend is her contribution to the relationship.

Khloe’s outspoken views were shared during a podcast co-hosted by Moet Abebe and Tolanibaj, where the discussion centered around the role of women in romantic partnerships and what they bring to the table. The former BBNaija star outlined her perspective on the matter, shedding light on the values she believes she contributes to a relationship.

During the conversation, Khloe highlighted her role as a maternal figure to her partner’s children, emphasizing the emotional and nurturing aspects of her contribution. Additionally, she mentioned her commitment to sending prayer messages and ensuring the overall well-being of both her partner and his business.

In her own words, Khloe stated, “Me being a mother figure to your kids is something I bring to the table. Me being your girlfriend is something I bring to the table…I cannot give you money, honey; you are the one who will give me money.”

Watch her speak below:

The candid revelation from Khloe has sparked discussions on social media, with diverse reactions and opinions emerging on the topic of financial dynamics within relationships. As the news circulates, the former BBNaija contestant’s perspective continues to fuel conversations about traditional and evolving roles in modern romantic partnerships.

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