Growing Concern in Germany Over NATO’s Future Amid Trump’s Reemergence

Senior German Officials Express Doubts About NATO Survival in the Event of Trump’s Reelection

Addressing his supporters in Las Vegas last month, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump raised doubts about the usefulness of NATO, accusing its members of freeloading off the United States. He asserted that the US was “paying for NATO, and we don’t get so much out of it,” expressing skepticism about the alliance’s commitment to collective defense.

Trump, comfortably leading the race for the Republican presidential nomination ahead of November’s vote, has repeatedly criticized Washington’s NATO allies for failing to contribute adequately to the alliance. In 2017, he declared NATO “obsolete,” questioning its relevance in the contemporary geopolitical landscape.

According to a recent report by The New York Times (NYT), there is growing concern among German leadership that NATO may not survive if Trump is reelected as US president. The NYT article, published on Saturday, highlighted senior German officials’ fears of significant doubts surrounding the alliance’s viability during a potential second Trump term.

The report indicated that unofficial deliberations in Berlin and other European capitals are centered around the potential disintegration of NATO, marking what the NYT described as an “astounding reversal of thinking” compared to the talk of “new unity” that emerged following Russia’s military campaign against Ukraine in February 2022.

The immediate concern cited in the NYT report is the growing pessimism among German officials about the United States continuing to fund Ukraine’s struggle, particularly due to a months-long stalemate in Congress over President Joe Biden’s proposed $60 billion aid package for Kiev.

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The NYT claimed that EU diplomats and representatives from various think tanks had reportedly been inquiring about Trump’s intentions regarding NATO, making pilgrimages to associates of the former president. In December, anonymous sources revealed that discussions were ongoing about the potential withdrawal of the US from NATO if Trump were to be reelected.

Former US Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who served under Trump, warned in December that a second Trump term could lead to the withdrawal of support for Ukraine and the beginning of pulling US troops out of NATO countries, potentially causing the collapse of the alliance.



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