I haven’t seen my kids in 7 years- daddy Freeze

Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly known as Daddy Freeze, a prominent figure in the Nigerian media landscape, has ignited a virtual storm of discussion and debate with his recent revelations about his role as a father.

During a live video exchange with comedian Julius Agwu, Daddy Freeze delved into the sensitive topic of parenthood and relationships. In a candid conversation, he questioned Julius Agwu about his relationship with his own children. However, Julius Agwu firmly declined to discuss his children on the online platform.

Daddy Freeze, somewhat taken aback by the response, shifted the focus by inquiring about his own children. In a surprising twist, he admitted to a seven-year absence from his own children’s lives, children he shares with his former partner Opeyemi.

Despite being a married man, Daddy Freeze openly confessed to his prolonged absence from his children’s lives. He even went so far as to claim that he wouldn’t be able to recognize them if he encountered them on the street.

Adding to the revelation, Daddy Freeze disclosed that he possesses only his ex-partner’s contact number to potentially reach out to his children.

Despite the shocking confession, Daddy Freeze maintained a casual demeanor throughout the conversation, assuring everyone that he is coping well with the situation. The 47-year-old broadcaster concluded the discussion by expressing his heartfelt prayers for his children’s well-being, exuding confidence in their safety.

Watch the video below:

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