Social Media Storm: Daddy Freeze Clashes with BBNaija Star Over Salary Advice

Controversy Erupts as Influencer Rachel Edwards Sparks Debate on Financial Expectations

Nigerian influencer and media personality, Daddy Freeze, has ignited a heated online debate after clashing with BBNaija star, Rachel Edwards, over her advice to women regarding men’s salaries.

The controversy erupted when Rachel took to Twitter to counsel women against settling for men earning N800,000 monthly, particularly in Lagos, arguing that such income wouldn’t suffice. Her remarks stirred a wave of reactions, with many questioning her perspective.

Expressing her viewpoint bluntly, Rachel wrote, “As a lady, you can’t settle for a man with N800,000 as salary in Lagos. One wig and your man’s salary is finished baby girl.”

Her statement didn’t go unnoticed, drawing criticism from various quarters, including Daddy Freeze. The outspoken event host responded, advising Rachel to seek employment if she desires a luxurious lifestyle rather than relying on a man.

“Get a job baby girl if you want to fund the soft life, or be an 8/10 at least, which sadly you aren’t…,” Daddy Freeze retorted.

The exchange has reignited discussions on financial expectations in relationships, shedding light on differing perspectives regarding financial independence and societal norms.

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