Spyro Reveals Taking Bank Loan to Fund Collaboration with Davido and Mayorkun



Nigerian singer Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, better known as Spyro, recently opened up about his financial struggles after taking a bank loan to finance his collaboration with popular artists Davido and Mayorkun on the hit song “Funke” back in 2018.

In a recent interview with Cool Fm, Spyro shared the challenges he faced in repaying the debt over a three-year period. The singer highlighted that the collaboration initially propelled him into the limelight but soon led to a downturn in his career.

“When I dropped ‘Funke’ and the song popped, I had David [Davido] and Mayorkun on the song. And after dropping ‘Funke’ and my career still went down, I’m like, ‘Oh! Am I ever gonna rise again?'” Spyro revealed.

The “Who’s Your Guy” crooner expressed his frustration with the lack of structure and support that contributed to his career setback. He disclosed that he took a loan from a bank to finance the production of the record while he was still signed to Upfront & Personal, a management and entertainment consulting firm. However, when the loan repayment period arrived, Spyro faced considerable difficulties fulfilling his financial obligations.

Struggling with the burden of the loan repayments for approximately three years took a toll on the singer both professionally and personally. The financial strain hindered his ability to regain momentum in his career, despite the initial success of “Funke.”

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Spyro’s candid revelation sheds light on the challenges faced by many artists within the music industry who grapple with financial constraints and lack of proper infrastructure. Despite the setback, Spyro’s story serves as a reminder of the resilience required to navigate the demanding music industry, where financial burdens can sometimes overshadow talent and creativity.

As Spyro continues on his artistic journey, his experience underscores the importance of a supportive ecosystem and solid financial planning within the music industry. His determination to overcome these obstacles serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and highlights the need for a more sustainable framework to foster long-term success.

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