“I will Never Sleep with Any BBN Guy!” – CeeC

Cynthia Nwadiora, popularly known as CeeC from her time on a reality TV show, recently engaged in a candid conversation with fellow co-star Uriel Oputa. The conversation, which veered into personal matters, shed light on CeeC’s views on relationships within the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) context.

During their chat, Uriel Oputa playfully suggested that CeeC should leave Neo Akpofure for her, to which CeeC humorously responded that she wants no part in that scenario, asserting that Neo is already aware of her stance.

The discussion then took an interesting turn as Uriel delved into the topic of romantic involvement with other BBNaija participants. She inquired whether CeeC would consider being in a relationship or engaging romantically with any of the male housemates, either on the show or outside of it. CeeC, however, offered a firm negative response. She made it clear that she has set a boundary for herself, specifying that she would not be involved with any male who has participated in the BBNaija reality show, whether inside or outside of the house.

As the conversation progressed, Uriel playfully pointed to a camera’s blind spot and mentioned an unnamed male housemate, leading to CeeC bursting into laughter. Uriel’s comments reportedly referred to the size of the housemate’s genitalia, a lighthearted topic that elicited amusement from both women.

Watch the conversation:

While the conversation was light and casual, it gave insight into CeeC’s personal boundaries and her candid attitude towards relationships within the context of the BBNaija community. The video capturing their exchange has gained attention on social media, sparking discussions among fans of the reality TV show.

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