Iyanya Speaks Candidly on Relationships, Fidelity, and Dispels Dating Rumors in Exclusive Interview

Nigerian singer shares insights on commitment and addresses speculations surrounding his love life

In an exclusive interview with DoyinSola David, Nigerian music sensation Iyanya delved into his perspectives on relationships, fidelity, and put to rest rumors circulating about his dating life. The conversation, featured on Doyin’s renowned segment “Doyin’s Corner,” offered a glimpse into Iyanya’s views on commitment and the complexities of managing romance under public scrutiny.

Iyanya made a strong declaration against infidelity, emphasizing his commitment to staying faithful to a single partner. The singer linked his preference for monogamy, in part, to the considerable financial burdens associated with juggling multiple relationships. According to Iyanya, maintaining connections with several individuals can be economically draining, aligning with his practical approach to life and love.

However, host Doyin challenged Iyanya’s stance, suggesting that not all women require high maintenance in relationships. Using herself as an example, she claimed not to be an expensive person to date. Despite her input, Iyanya maintained his position, arguing that committing to one woman is not only financially sensible but also morally superior to engaging in infidelity.

The discussion then turned to Iyanya’s personal life, addressing recent speculations about his romantic involvement with another artist, Vee. The rumors sparked in August 2023 when the reality star posted intriguing photos on Instagram, featuring a man’s arms with tattoos resembling those of Iyanya. Promptly, Iyanya dismissed the rumors, asserting that there was no substantial evidence supporting such claims.

In a related development, on the ‘Tea With Tay’ podcast hosted by actor Temisan Emmanuel Ahwieh, Iyanya opened up about his desire for marriage. At 36 years old, the popular Nigerian singer candidly admitted his eagerness to settle down, urging his fans to pray for the success of his current relationship. The revelation adds a personal touch to Iyanya’s public image, as he shares his aspirations for a more settled and committed future.

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