Joeboy Aims to Follow in the Footsteps of Don Jazzy and Olamide, Pledges Support for Emerging Artists

Nigerian Singer Shares Vision for Future Amid Departure from Former Record Label

Nigerian music sensation Joeboy has revealed his aspirations to mirror the successes and philanthropic endeavors of renowned music icons Don Jazzy and Olamide, expressing his admiration for their influential roles in the music industry.

In a recent statement, the young artist highlighted his deep respect for Don Jazzy and Olamide, emphasizing their significant contributions to the Nigerian music scene and their efforts in nurturing emerging talents. Joeboy commended their achievements across various music genres and their pivotal roles in fostering the careers of numerous young artists.

Expressing his excitement for the future, particularly following his departure from his former record label, Joeboy shared his plans to establish his own platform aimed at supporting aspiring musicians. He outlined his vision of combining the creative talents of Don Jazzy and Olamide to create opportunities for emerging artists to thrive.

Joeboy emphasized the importance of making a positive impact in the music industry and providing opportunities for others to succeed, stressing that his goals extend beyond financial gain.

In his own words, Joeboy expressed his enthusiasm for his upcoming endeavors, stating, “I am so super excited about what is to come because one thing I always used to say to my friends then is that I want to be a combination of Don Jazzy and Olamide. Because it’s one thing to come into the game and create your own wave, and then help others and facilitate a lot more waves. It’s not even about the money, it’s about the fact that I can say I helped people.”

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