Joeboy Reflects on Inspirational Meeting with Wizkid in 2018, Credits Him for Empowering Young Artists

In an exclusive podcast interview, renowned Nigerian singer Joeboy fondly recounted the remarkable encounter that sparked his journey towards success. The talented artist revealed how he crossed paths with the iconic Wizkid for the first time in 2018, highlighting the immense impact the meeting had on his career.

Joeboy expressed his admiration for Wizkid, acknowledging him as a true inspiration to countless young people aspiring to achieve greatness. The singer attributed his newfound belief in his own potential to the momentous interaction with the Grammy-winning music sensation. Recounting his thoughts at the time, Joeboy recalled stating, “The day I see Wizkid, I will know for sure that I will be successful.”

During the pivotal encounter, Joeboy found himself accompanying Mr Eazi, his mentor and label owner, to a show. Humble and observant, he remained in Eazi’s shadow, eagerly learning from his experiences. As Eazi engaged in conversation with Wizkid, Joeboy stood in the corner, soaking in the environment. Suddenly, the iconic star glanced in Joeboy’s direction and beckoned him to come closer. Initially taken aback, Joeboy looked behind him, assuming Wizkid might be addressing someone else. To his astonishment, Wizkid spoke directly to him, a moment that served as the sign he had been seeking. Overwhelmed with determination, Joeboy decided then and there to wholeheartedly pursue his dreams, feeling assured that success was within his reach.

“One thing I really appreciate about Wiz is that he made young people believe that they can be young and be popping. I can be young and be one of the greatest,” expressed Joeboy, acknowledging the profound impact Wizkid had on the perception of youth in the music industry. Prior to Wizkid’s rise, most successful artists achieved recognition later in life. However, Wizkid’s trailblazing success opened doors for young talents to flourish and showcase their potential. Joeboy extended his heartfelt gratitude to Wizkid, recognizing him as a driving force behind the wave of young artists taking the industry by storm.

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Joseph Akinwale, Joeboy rose to prominence through the renowned record label Empawa Africa, owned by Mr Eazi. His meteoric rise to fame was further solidified with notable achievements, such as winning the prestigious ‘Best Artiste in African Pop’ award at the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) in 2019. Additionally, Joeboy clinched the ‘Best Pop’ category at the Soundcity MVP Awards Festival in 2020, cementing his position as one of Africa’s most promising talents.

The music industry continues to be inspired by the powerful connections and mentorships that shape young artists’ journeys. Joeboy’s story serves as a testament to the transformative impact a single encounter can have on an artist’s trajectory, as Wizkid’s encouragement instilled unwavering confidence and determination in the rising star. As Joeboy’s career flourishes, he remains indebted to the unparalleled influence of Wizkid, forever grateful for the path he paved for young musicians in Nigeria and beyond.

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