Marine Le Pen Ready to Lead France After Macron Calls Snap Election

Promising to Prioritize French Interests and End Mass Immigration

Right-wing French politician Marine Le Pen has declared her readiness to lead the country following President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to call a snap election. This announcement came after a projected heavy defeat for Macron’s Renaissance party in the EU parliamentary vote.

Le Pen, considered a strong contender for the 2027 French presidential election, welcomed Macron’s move to dissolve the National Assembly. Her National Rally (RN) party, now led by Jordan Bardella, garnered about a third of the vote in the EU elections, securing 30 seats in the European Parliament. Macron’s Renaissance alliance lagged behind with around 15% of the vote.

“We’re ready to exercise power if the French people place their trust in us in these future legislative elections,” Le Pen stated at a rally on Sunday, shortly after Macron’s unexpected announcement. “We’re ready to turn the country around, ready to defend the interests of the French, ready to put an end to mass immigration, ready to make the purchasing power of the French a priority.”

Marine Le Pen

National Rally leader Bardella, who has campaigned for stricter national border controls and more relaxed EU climate rules, supported Le Pen’s sentiments. He emphasized that the election results reflect the French people’s desire for the European Union to change direction and demonstrate a demand for change. “Emmanuel Macron is tonight a weakened president,” Bardella commented.

Macron’s office defended the decision to dissolve the National Assembly, citing the “historic score of the far-right” and the current “parliamentarian disorder.”

The EU parliamentary election concluded after four days of voting, with exit polls indicating a shift toward far-right and conservative parties.

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Le Pen has criticized Macron for his stance on the Ukraine conflict, accusing him of using the war for political gain and risking France’s safety by allowing Ukraine to use Western-supplied weapons against Russia. She has consistently opposed Ukraine’s admission into NATO and the EU and has spoken out against economic sanctions on Russia.



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