Liverpool Awaits VAR Audio Review Amid Diaz Goal Controversy

In the aftermath of Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat to Tottenham, the focus has shifted to the VAR controversy surrounding Luis Diaz’s disallowed goal, with reports indicating that Liverpool is poised to receive the VAR audio related to the incident.

The Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) is said to be in the process of providing Liverpool with the VAR audio of Diaz’s disallowed goal, and the contents will undergo a review before any potential public release. It is anticipated that, if made public, this disclosure may occur before Howard Webb, the chief refereeing officer at PGMOL, appears on Sky Sports’ Webb’s Mic’d Up Show on Tuesday evening at 8 pm.

Miguel Delaney of The Independent shared the news on X, formerly known as Twitter, stating, “PGMOL are giving the audio to Liverpool. It will be reviewed before it’s made public, but that will also happen – and may well be before Webb’s Mic’d Up Show.”

The controversy stems from a significant human error by VAR official Darren England, resulting in Diaz’s opener being incorrectly disallowed for offside during the Saturday match against Tottenham. In response to the error, Liverpool formally requested the PGMOL for the raw audio files of the conversations between match officials.

The PGMOL has acknowledged the error and labeled it as a “significant human error.” Liverpool, in a statement, expressed dissatisfaction with the incorrect application of the laws of the game, stating that sporting integrity was undermined. The club asserted that while they understand the pressures faced by match officials, VAR should alleviate, not exacerbate, these pressures.

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Liverpool called for full transparency in the review process, emphasizing that any and all outcomes should be established through a comprehensive review. The club highlighted the importance of learning from such incidents to improve processes and prevent similar situations in the future.

Expressing their dissatisfaction with the categorization of the error as ‘significant human error,’ Liverpool affirmed their commitment to exploring various options available to seek resolution and escalation. The club stressed the need for transparency and reliability in future decision-making processes, with a focus on the collective improvement of VAR implementation across all clubs.

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