Liya Reveals Candid Reasons for Departure from Davido Music Worldwide (DMW ) in Podcast Interview

Former “DMW’s First Lady” Opens Up on the Quest for Independence and a Fresh Start

In a podcast interview, Liya, the talented singer who once held the esteemed title of “DMW’s First Lady,” has bared her soul, sharing the emotional reasons behind her unexpected departure from the acclaimed Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) record label.

Known for her chart-toppers like “Lakiriboto” and “Melo,” Liya left an indelible mark during her time with DMW. Yet, the decision to part ways was fueled by an inner conviction that her blossoming career deserved more attention and support. During the podcast conversation, Liya candidly expressed her longing for a fresh start, a new musical path, and the independence to steer her own artistic journey.

At the heart of her departure was the genuine belief that her career needed a spotlight and backing that she felt was lacking within the DMW framework. Despite delivering hits under the label, Liya sensed that her aspirations were perhaps overshadowed or overlooked. In her own words, she yearned to carve a musical identity distinct from the DMW brand.

Liya’s departure wasn’t merely a professional move; it was a poignant choice driven by a desire for personal and artistic growth. Her decision to share this intimate part of her journey sheds light on the complexities artists often face in navigating their careers and aspirations.

Crucial to understanding Liya’s narrative is the acknowledgment that her departure was not marked by animosity but rather a strategic step towards fostering her independence and artistic evolution. This human element adds a layer of relatability to Liya’s story, resonating with anyone who has grappled with the pursuit of their passions and the quest for personal fulfillment.

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While expressing her admiration for DMW’s current artists and their achievements, Liya extended warm wishes and continued support to the label and its emerging talents. Her genuine hope is for their continued success in the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.

Watch the interview below:

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