Mavin Records Welcomes Fresh Talent as Lifesize Teddy Joins the Family (Video)

Mavin Records under the leadership of CEO Michael Collins Ajereh, popularly known as Don Jazzy and at the helm of Mavin Records, has taken the wraps off a new signing to the prestigious label. Lifesize Teddy, a burgeoning talent on the music scene, has been introduced by Don Jazzy as the latest artist to join Mavin Records, further enriching the label’s diverse array of musical talents.

Don Jazzy’s announcement has shed light on Lifesize Teddy’s rising star status. The newly revealed artist, known for her proficiency as a rapper, poet, and songwriter, has emerged as the freshest signee to emerge from the Mavin Academy, the breeding ground for exceptional musical talents under Mavin Records. Hailing from Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Lifesize Teddy represents the vibrant spirit of afro-fusion music, aiming to infuse the genre with her unique approach and creativity.

Anticipation is building as Lifesize Teddy prepares to make her mark on the Nigerian music landscape. The talented artist is gearing up to unveil her debut release in the form of a self-titled EP, promising a blend of innovation and fresh soundscapes that align with her distinctive style.

Lifesize Teddy’s thirst for exceptional music is evident in her diverse musical inspirations. Drawing influence from an eclectic range of genres spanning from Brenda Fassie to Eva Alordiah, she is poised to introduce an invigorating fusion to her own work, creating a captivating musical experience for listeners.

In a video shared by Don Jazzy, he provided insight into Lifesize Teddy’s journey within the Mavin Academy, emphasizing the meticulous process of nurturing talents under the Mavin Records umbrella. The unveiling video showcased her unique abilities and achievements as she prepares to join the label’s roster of standout artists.

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As part of the announcement, Don Jazzy’s post caption read: “Unveiling a new artist is a reminder of how an artist has let themselves go through the laid down process of the Mavin academy, the testament of our faith in them, and the coming together of our hard work. With the power vested in me by the Supreme Mavin Dynasty, It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Mavin’s latest signee. Rapper, poet, singer and songwriter Lifesize Teddy.” Don Jazzy’s words resonated across the music industry, marking a significant moment in Lifesize Teddy’s career.

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