Don Jazzy Unveils Six Criteria for Signing Artists to Mavin Records

In a recent interview, renowned music producer Don Jazzy disclosed, for the first time, his six essential criteria for selecting artists to join Mavin Records. Known for his keen ability to spot raw talent, the music entrepreneur shed light on the creative requirements he evaluates when considering potential musicians for his record label.

One of the significant changes in Don Jazzy’s approach is his newfound appreciation for social media awareness. Previously, he admitted to overlooking this aspect, but now he considers it one of the primary factors in his evaluation process. Social media presence has become a vital tool for artists to connect with their audience and promote their work effectively.

Alongside social media, Don Jazzy places utmost importance on talent, diligence, mannerism, character, and age when scouting for new artists. These aspects form the core elements that he looks for in potential talents, as they contribute to an artist’s overall image and marketability.

Don Jazzy further emphasized the influence of young people in driving the music market. According to him, young individuals are more invested in contemporary culture and actively support and promote artists on social media. This active involvement from the younger generation gives them a significant edge in the music industry.

In his own words, Don Jazzy expressed the shift in his perspective: “Once upon a time, I wouldn’t think of signing an artist that is social media savvy, but now I kind of want to put it at the beginning of my list. Talent, due diligence, mannerism, character, and age at the moment is kind of important as well.”

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The music producer’s criteria highlight the value he places on an artist’s skill, character, and social media prowess, showcasing his commitment to nurturing talents who can succeed in the ever-evolving music landscape.

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