Mohbad’s Father Speaks Out on Tragic Death, Alleges Abuse, and Seeks Justice

Grieving Father Details Attempts to Intervene, Reports of Abuse, and Desperation for Justice

In an interview with BBC Yoruba, the father of the late Nigerian singer, Mohbad, has opened up about the circumstances surrounding his son’s untimely death. He shared a poignant account of his efforts to intervene in his son’s life, revealing troubling details about the alleged abuse his son endured, including incidents involving prominent figures in the music industry.

The bereaved father disclosed that he had personally approached Naira Marley, a well-known artist, in an attempt to influence his son positively. He narrated an emotional incident where Naira Marley was seen sharing a meal with Mohbad, a moment that deeply moved him. However, the grieving father also revealed that his son had confided in him about Naira Marley’s alleged darker side.

Disturbingly, Mohbad’s father shed light on a series of physical abuse incidents that his son had faced. He recalled the first instance when Mohbad was reportedly beaten, and despite reporting it to the police, no action was taken. This pattern of violence continued, including an incident during a video shoot with Zlatan.

Expressing his desperation for justice, the father, who is a pastor, explained the challenges he faced due to his religious beliefs, preventing him from taking traditional measures. He even mentioned the possibility of a DNA test to uncover the truth behind the tragic circumstances of Mohbad’s demise.

In his own words, Mohbad’s father expressed the pain of losing his son and the difficulties encountered in seeking justice. He recounted the lack of support from the police and the challenges faced while attempting to secure a police report and a mortuary space for his late son.

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