Naira Marley Spotted Rolling a Blunt In a Night Club Despite NDLEA Ambassador Role (Video)

The renowned rapper Naira Marley has ignited a wave of reactions across social media platforms after a video surfaced of him appearing to engage in substance use, despite his recent appointment as an ambassador for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)’s campaign against drug abuse.

Last week, Naira Marley was unveiled as an ambassador for NDLEA, a move that garnered significant attention and discussion online. However, a new video circulating online has captured the Marlian Music head honcho in a situation that has raised eyebrows.

In the trending video, Naira Marley is seen in a nightclub environment, apparently in the process of rolling a blunt. The person filming the video maintains a distance from Marley at first, and the rapper seems unaware that he is being recorded. As the camera zooms in, Marley’s actions become clearer, and it becomes evident that he is involved in a substance-related activity.

Upon realizing that he is being filmed, Naira Marley offers a knowing smile, suggesting that he might have been aware of the potential controversy of his actions. However, the rapper does not halt his actions and continues to roll the blunt.

The video has sparked widespread discussions and reactions from fans, social media users, and the general public. Many are expressing their disappointment and frustration with Naira Marley’s actions, especially considering his new role as an NDLEA ambassador. Some are questioning the appropriateness of his behavior, particularly given his association with an agency dedicated to combating drug abuse.

Watch the video below:

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