Sandra Iheuwa Reveals Actress Nancy Iheme’s Role in the Breakdown of Her Marriage

Sandra Iheuwa, a well-known socialite and the fourth baby mama to Nigerian music producer Ubi Franklin, has recently spoken out about the involvement of Nollywood actress Nancy Iheme in her estranged husband Steve Thompson’s life, citing it as one of the reasons for the collapse of their marriage.

In a conversation with media personality Chude Jideonwo, Sandra made startling claims about her ex-husband’s relationship with Nancy. She alleged that after their engagement, Steve showed her messages between him and Nancy, revealing their ongoing sexual relationship.

The businesswoman expressed her bewilderment at the fact that Nancy was even present at their wedding, given the circumstances. Sandra recalled a specific incident during their honeymoon when Nancy made a sly comment on a photo, joking about Steve bringing her breakfast. This comment deeply bothered Sandra, and she confronted her husband about it at the time.

According to Sandra, Nancy eventually deleted the comment, but the damage had already been done. She revealed, “After we got married, they [Steve and Nancy] were still sleeping together. He was cheating on me with different people, and she [Nancy Iheme] was one of them. This was one of the issues that made me leave the marriage.”

The revelation of Nancy’s involvement in Sandra’s failed marriage adds a new layer of complexity to the situation. It raises questions about trust, fidelity, and the impact of infidelity on a relationship. Sandra’s decision to speak out about her personal experience sheds light on the challenges faced by individuals dealing with betrayal and the subsequent breakdown of a marriage.

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As the news of Sandra Iheuwa’s revelations spreads, it remains to be seen how Nancy Iheme and Steve Thompson will respond to these allegations. The public’s attention will undoubtedly focus on their actions and statements regarding this delicate matter.

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