‘Nigerian virgin’ recounts how she abruptly ended an all-expense-paid trip to Maldives, after man she traveled with made an obscene request

A Nigerian lady, Praise Oghre, has recounted how she abruptly ended an all-expenses-paid trip in Maldives and returned to Nigeria after the man she traveled with made an obscene request.

Praise had reluctantly agreed to go on the trip with the man, who begged her to keep him company. However, upon getting to the vacation destination, she discovered that the guy had booked the same room for both of them to sleep in, which made her uncomfortable.

Praise eventually took the next flight to Nigeria, leaving the man there, as she had only expected to keep him company and not engage in anything sexual with him.

Narrating the incident on Twitter, she emphasized that she would not give up her virginity for a vacation and that her future husband deserves better.

In her words,

“Some men can be so unreasonable; this guy begged me to go on a vacation with him to the Maldives becauseos he doesn’t have anyone to go with, though all expensewereas on y. Gettingng thereI discovered thatat wwouldll be stayinin thein same hoteroom.”om

I have to book the next available flight. The next morning to return home. I mean, he asked me to keep him company, not to sleep together. 😪 I can’t give out my virginity because of a common vacation. My future husband deserves better.”

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