Nigerian Man Arrested in the UK for Alleged Murder of Wife

David Abodunde in Custody After Shocking Incident Involving Former Ophthalmic Nurse Taiwo Owoeye

In a harrowing turn of events, the United Kingdom police have apprehended Nigerian national David Abodunde in connection with the alleged murder of his wife, Taiwo Owoeye, in their Suffolk apartment.

The tragic incident unfolded on Tuesday, November 28, when Abodunde reportedly strangled Owoeye, a former ophthalmic nurse at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital. Disturbingly, the victim, a mother of three and practicing nurse in the UK, had previously reported an assault by her husband to the police a day before the fatal event.

Upon responding to the reported assault, the police visited the couple’s home the following day, only to discover Owoeye lifeless in the living room. Paramedics, called to the scene, confirmed her death. Abodunde, who was found inside the apartment at the time, was subsequently taken into custody.

The couple, married in 2016, faced a tragic turn of events after Owoeye relocated to the UK in 2022, with her husband joining her earlier this year.

The deceased’s brother, Alex Owoeye, shared the devastating news in a Facebook post, revealing that David Abodunde was declared the sole murderer following a police investigation. Owoeye wrote, “After thoroughly conducted investigations, despite being caught in the act, he (the husband) was declared the sole murderer of his wife (my sister).”

Amidst the grief, Owoeye disclosed that the couple’s three children are now under the protective custody of UK social services. He urged family members to remain calm, assuring them that justice would be served in due course. The shocking incident underscores the tragic outcome of reported domestic violence and has left a community in mourning.

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