Nigerians Concerned as Influencer Nicki Dabarbie Shares Disturbing Video on Instagram Alleging that Skibbi Attempted to Use Her for Money rituals(Video)

Nicki Dabarbie, a popular social media influencer known for her vibrant online presence, has sparked concern among Nigerians after uploading a troubling video on her Instagram page. In the video, Dabarbie appeared visibly distressed as she repeatedly mentioned that some men were attempting to use her for money rituals. She kept chanting the name of a man throughout the video.

Despite the video’s lack of clarity, viewers could discern the chaotic state of the room where Dabarbie filmed herself. Broken glass littered the floor, indicating a tumultuous environment. At one point, a male voice in the background questioned why she was stepping on broken glass, expressing concern for her well-being.

Throughout the video, one of the men present remarked, “Which kind of highness is this?” suggesting that Dabarbie might have been under the influence of substances. He also urged her to leave and go home, implying that she was not in a familiar or safe location.

Dabarbie continued to chant names of girls she claimed had been victims of rituals allegedly orchestrated by a man named Skibbi. She asserted that her “head was too strong” for them to succeed in using her for such purposes.

In a tense moment, one of the men approached Dabarbie with a bottle of water, prompting her to scream hysterically and demand that he not pour the water on her.

The video concluded with Dabarbie fervently praying and screaming, leaving viewers alarmed and questioning the circumstances surrounding her distressing behavior.

The video’s publication has sparked widespread concern on social media platforms, with many expressing worries about Dabarbie’s well-being and calling for authorities to investigate the situation further.

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