Skiibii Mayana Addresses Allegations of Ritualism in Dramatic Video Response

In a dramatic turn of events, Nigerian singer Skiibii Mayana has taken to social media to address serious allegations made against him by TikTok influencer Nickie Dabarbie, who accused him of involvement in occult practices and attempted rituals.

The controversy unfolded when Nickie Dabarbie narrated an alarming experience, claiming to have narrowly escaped from Skiibii’s residence where she alleged a ritualist attempted to engage her in occultic activities. Responding to these accusations, Skiibii shared a video on his social media platforms showcasing Nickie Dabarbie’s behavior.

In the video, Nickie Dabarbie can be seen displaying erratic behavior, simulating intoxication or being under the influence of substances. She is depicted talking to herself in certain segments and, in another scene, is shown on the phone, seemingly distressed and crying for help while causing damage to Skiibii’s living room.

As the dramatic scenes unfold, Skiibii’s voice can be heard in the background, attributing Nickie Dabarbie’s actions to intoxication while expressing dismay over the destruction caused to his property. Alongside the video, Skiibii captioned, “This was a day before this incident, she came around 4 am and was outside for like 1 hour but no one was at home, then she came back the next day and all this happened. She started calling people to tell them they wanted to use her and breaking things to give the impression that she’s been attacked. Omo no be small thing I see today o.”

The video shared by Skiibii has sparked widespread discussions and debates online, with many users expressing shock and skepticism over the allegations made by Nickie Dabarbie. The singer’s response has shed light on the complexity of the situation, highlighting conflicting narratives and raising questions about the authenticity of the claims.

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As the controversy continues to unfold, both Skiibii Mayana and Nickie Dabarbie are facing heightened scrutiny from the public, with calls for a transparent investigation into the allegations and the events depicted in the viral video.

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