“OBIDIENTS” X Influencer Exposes Corruption During 2023 Elections

Online Activist Reveals Misuse of Funds and Luxury Lifestyles of Group Leaders

A former prominent online influencer within the “OBIDIENTS” group, identified as @FS_Yusuf_, has taken to Twitter to expose alleged corruption and misuse of funds within the organization during the 2023 presidential elections.

In a series of tweets, Yusuf unveiled what he described as the “criminality” that occurred within the group, accusing its leaders of squandering funds contributed by members and living lavishly at their expense.

Yusuf’s revelations began with a direct callout to the OBIDIENTS community, expressing his intention to uncover the truth behind their contributions and the alleged misappropriation of funds by group executives, including LP Executives.

He singled out Serah Ibrahim, the group’s Secretary, who he claimed left her job in Lagos to benefit from the funds contributed by OBIDIENTS members. Yusuf alleged that the billions of Naira contributed for the 2023 Presidential election were misused, with leaders purchasing luxury properties in the Guzape area of Abuja.

Furthermore, Yusuf questioned the lifestyle upgrades of group leaders, particularly pointing out Ibrahim’s purported acquisition of a Toyota 2018 and relocation to a two-bedroom apartment in Wuye, Abuja, from Lagos.

Yusuf’s tweets underscored the stark contrast between the sacrifices made by OBIDIENTS members and the ostentatious lifestyles of their leaders. He lamented the betrayal of trust, emphasizing the sincerity with which former Vice President Peter Obi had entered the political arena, only to be ensnared in corruption.

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The exposé hinted at the presentation of falsified financial reports to OBIDIENTS members when inquiries were raised, suggesting a cover-up of the alleged misappropriation of funds.

Yusuf concluded his thread by urging OBIDIENTS members and well-wishers to remain vigilant, promising further revelations and expressing confidence in eventual justice for Peter Obi.

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