Oladips Criticizes Qdot for Swiftly Declaring Him Alive Following His Death Announcement

Rapper Sets the Record Straight Amid Controversy with Qdot

Nigerian rapper Oladipupo Oladimeji, widely known as Oladips, has vehemently denied orchestrating a death ruse to garner attention for his latest album, ‘Superhero Adugbo,’ following conflicting reports surrounding his alleged demise.

Contrary to the initial somber announcement made by his management on November 15, 2023, via Oladips’ Instagram page, stating that the rapper passed away on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, a twist in the narrative unfolded.

Rapper Qdot and other associates of Oladips took to social media to dispute the claims, asserting that the artist was alive and well. Oladips himself shared a video confirming his existence, sparking speculations that the entire episode was a strategic move to generate buzz for his upcoming project.

Addressing the rumors on his Instagram story, Oladips pointed fingers at Qdot, accusing him of spreading false information about faking his death. The rapper expressed frustration, stating that Qdot posted that he was alive “at a time my family was unsure of my situation.”

In a candid message, Oladips lamented, “I know there is cruise. There is clout. And then there is truth! Qdot, the reason why you posted ‘My gee is alive’ at a time my family was unsure of my situation is so appalling and uncalled for.”

View his post below:

He further clarified that he and Qdot hadn’t communicated throughout the year, asserting, “Bro, I went through it, and anything could have happened. The last me and you had any conversation was January 2, 2022. I get proof, and I will soon tell the story in full! Cos why una dey always do like this for this industry tori olorun?”

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