Tolani Baj Advocates for Privacy: Declares Questions on Women’s “Body Count” Inappropriate

Big Brother Naija Star Speaks Out on Personal Boundaries in Recent Podcast Episode

Big Brother Naija star Tolani Baj has taken a firm stance on why it is inappropriate to inquire about a woman’s “body count,” emphasizing the need for respect and privacy regarding personal matters. The term “body count” refers to the number of individuals someone has shared a bed with, specifically in the context of sexual contact.

Tolani Baj shared her perspective on the matter during the latest episode of the Bahd and Boujee Podcast, hosted by reality star and media personality Moet Abebe. In the discussion, Tolani Baj highlighted the impoliteness of probing into a woman’s past sexual experiences, stressing that such questions are disrespectful.

Despite revealing that her own “body count” is not high, Tolani Baj firmly stated that it is inappropriate to ask a woman about this aspect of her personal life. She conveyed her belief that individuals have the right to keep certain details private, and questioning someone about their sexual history goes beyond acceptable boundaries.

During the podcast, Tolani Baj expressed her openness to discussing topics such as past relationships and ex-partners if a partner were to inquire. However, she drew a clear distinction when it came to the subject of “body count,” asserting that it crosses a line of personal boundaries.

“If a partner asks me about my exes or relationship history, I’m okay. But something I won’t answer is body count. I feel like, ‘What’s really your business?’ My body count is not high, but I still feel like it’s disrespectful to ask a woman about her body count. It’s not because I’m ashamed to say the amount, it’s just like, ‘Who do you think you’re to be asking me that kind of question?’” Tolani Baj stated during the podcast.

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