Oxlade Breaks Silence: Reflects on Endorsement Losses and Personal Impact of Leaked Sex Tape

Nigerian Artist Shares Candid Account of Two-Year Ordeal Following Tape Scandal

Nigerian artist Oxlade has spoken out for the first time in two years about the aftermath of the leak of his sex tape, revealing the extensive damages it inflicted on his career and personal life.

Recalling the distressing incident that thrust him into the spotlight, Oxlade recounted the loss of all his endorsement deals valued at a staggering N400 million after his intimate tapes were exposed to the public domain. In an exclusive interview with media personality Joey Akan, Oxlade disclosed that he endured a period of extortion and blackmail as a result of the leaked tapes, leaving him with a sense of relief when they were eventually released.

Despite the relief, Oxlade candidly acknowledged the profound impact of the scandal on his family, particularly his grandmother, with whom he shares a close bond. The repercussions extended beyond financial losses, as brands swiftly distanced themselves from the artist, citing concerns about his influence on youth and children who admire him.

The interview offers a rare glimpse into Oxlade’s personal struggles and the challenges he faced navigating the fallout from the tape scandal. As he continues to rebuild his career and reputation, Oxlade’s story serves as a sobering reminder of the consequences of online privacy breaches and the resilience required to overcome adversity in the public eye.

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