Pope Francis Condemns Gender Theory as Threat to Humanity

Pontiff Warns Against Erasing Differences Between Men and Women

Pope Francis delivered a stern condemnation of gender theory, labeling it the “ugly ideology of our time” and asserting that it poses a significant threat to humanity.

Speaking at the international symposium ‘Man-Woman: Image of God’ held in the Vatican, the 87-year-old pontiff emphasized the importance of recognizing and preserving the distinctions between the sexes. He characterized gender ideology as a danger that “cancels differences,” arguing that such erasure ultimately undermines the essence of humanity.

The Pope’s remarks, made in reference to the dystopian novel ‘Lord of the World,’ underscored the perpetual tension between men and women, a concept he deemed prophetic in understanding societal dynamics.

Interestingly, these comments diverge from the Vatican’s recent ruling permitting the blessing of same-sex couples. While aimed at fostering inclusivity within the church, the decision, viewed by some as a departure from traditional teachings, has sparked controversy, particularly among conservative factions.

The document, titled ‘Fiducia Supplicans,’ approved by Pope Francis in December, explores the possibility of blessings for couples in irregular situations, including same-sex unions. However, it explicitly prohibits such blessings from being performed in conjunction with civil union ceremonies.

This move has drawn criticism from religious bodies such as the Russian Orthodox Church, which contends that the Catholic Church’s stance on same-sex couples contradicts fundamental Christian principles.

As debates surrounding gender, sexuality, and religious doctrine persist, Pope Francis’s recent remarks add fuel to an ongoing discussion about the intersection of faith, ideology, and societal norms.

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