Portable Releases New Single “SaidaBoboje” in Response to Saida Boj

Singer Fires Back at Content Creator’s Controversial Comments

Nigerian street singer Portable has dropped a new single titled “SaidaBoboje,” aimed directly at controversial content creator Saida Boj. The track, which Portable previewed on his social media, responds to Boj’s recent provocative statements made on Pulse Hot Takes.

Saida Boj stirred up significant attention with her appearance on Pulse Hot Takes, where she made bold comments about gender roles in relationships. She claimed that only weak men would agree to a 50/50 financial split with their partners and suggested that a man should spend 20 million naira in the first week of dating to show he is serious. These statements went viral, drawing both criticism and support.

Following Boj’s remarks, Portable took to Instagram live to voice his disapproval, calling her views reckless and misguided. He expanded on his criticism in “SaidaBoboje,” using Yoruba proverbs to challenge her ideas on romantic relationships and caution her against reckless behavior.

Listen to the new track below.

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